Clinical research professionals, Study teams, Investigators, Trial Sites, Institutions, Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies can subscribe to the TrialValue App platform and use it to support project planning, study design, clinical trial cost estimation, clinical trial budgeting and financial performance oversight.


  • Create realistic cost estimates and value-for-money budgets in minutes

  • Enables collaboration with colleagues and partners at any stage of the trial process

  • Access to expert guidance on study design inputs

License and customization

TrialValue App PRO can be licensed to companies, trial sites, institutions and customized modules (as APIs) can be developed to meet specific requirements. Please contact us to discuss.

TrialValue A.I.+

We’ve built a predictive analytics intelligence kit using machine learning enabled algorithms for clinical development financial planning, budget benchmarking and cost optimization.

TrialValue A.I.+ can predict costs, budgets and staff resource needed for clinical programs at the earliest stage of the financial and business planning. It will offer solutions to optimize forecasting and budget performance. The size and analytical capabilities of our datasets are unmatched in the industry. 

TrialValue A.I.+ was launched on 8 November 2018 at our first members’ workshop held at Utrechtinc, The Netherlands. Many thanks to everyone who attended and made it a lively and fun session.

Workshop notes
We kicked-off with a brief history of the project and explained the problems the model is designed to solve:
To generate realistic and optimal study costs and budgets with only a few assumptions so as to meet the needs of financial planning, budgeting and investment decision making.

We then talked about the challenges of trying to build models in a data constrained context and discussed the approaches used to ensure that we achieved good performance in terms of budget prediction accuracy and precision.

Table below presents a snapshot of results after running the model using test use cases.

TrialValue A.I.+ Machine Learning Budget Prediction and Optimization Algorithm: Output for multiple study scenarios

TrialValue A.I.+ Machine Learning Budget Prediction and Optimization Algorithm: Output for multiple study scenarios

Technical stuff - Here’s a quick overview of the data modeling framework:

  • Simulation showing the relationships between cost structures and value drivers within the clinical development system (Made with LOOPY, a tool for thinking in systems).

What next? We’ll be running webinars (some free), open and in-house workshops starting February 2019.
The sessions will focus on using real financial planning situations and case examples.

Audience: Project managers, Directors and Heads of Departments from finance, clinical development, clinical operations, procurement, program planning, business development and investors.

Interested in learning more about the upcoming seminars and workshops or how A.I.+ can help you with financial planning, budgeting and forecasting needs, please contact us using this form:

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