TrialValue is a clinical trial budget service platform and decision support tool for valuing clinical research and development projects. We do this by using the TrialValue App software, predictive analytics models and algorithms to estimate costs and benchmark budgets for clinical trials.

The platform helps clinical research teams to:

  • Improve study planning by estimating the cost of different feasibility scenarios

  • Facilitate budget discussion with sites, CROs, providers

  • Optimize protocol design by reducing study complexity

  • Achieve financial objectives and improve budget performance

The Team 

Larry Ajuwon, Lead Partner and Director, RHIEOS-VENTURES Ltd. Larry is a clinical development consultant with over 18 years' experience in clinical research. Specialties include new product development, business operations, procurement, outsourcing, project finance, cost modelling, financial benchmarking, data management and data analysis.

Arnold Willemsen, CStat, Consulting Partner, Founder Plus100, Statistician with over 20 years' industry experience. Arnold's specialties include study design, sample size calculations, clinical program valuation, due diligence and advising on drug development programs.

Platform partners including experts in Clinical research, R&D Finance, Operations, Machine Learning, Software development, Health Economics and Process design/engineering.

TrialValue App Modules


  • Investigator Grant/Trial Site Costs

  • Outsourcing Budget Estimate

  • Benchmark Estimate

  • RFP and Quotation

  • Pass-Through Estimate

  • Full project cost

  • Predictive Financial Analytics Intelligence+

  • Health Economics

Easy to Use Tools and Value Assured Solutions

  • Create & compare multiple scenarios

  • Create unlimited number of estimates/ budgets

  • Collaborate with colleagues, partners, sites, CROs and investors

  • Improve design by understanding project complexity

  • Use built-in expert guidance for price analysis and resource planning

  • Get access to independent advice and expert opinion

  • Integrate data with other systems