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Clinical Trial Budget Efficiency Challenge - Are you getting value for money?

Clinical research projects are costly and budget overruns are common. Teams often feel dissatisfied as their studies end and see their projects haven't delivered good value for money. What's the remedy to this "buyers' remorse"?  

Take the TrialValue Budget Challenge to see how your project compares with our optimal budget benchmark, peers and the industry's best. You'll get a free budget analysis report and tips on how to extract more value from your clinical project.

How it works:

1. Register by signing up through app login
2. Enter key assumptions for a completed or active phase II or III study
3. Enter category level total costs (actual or budgeted figures) eg, site cost, biometrics, clinical operations, pass-through etc
4. Check, save and submit
5. Get a free 3 months license on registration and a report within 3 days of challenge closing date

Who can participate:

Clinical trial teams in pharmaceutical and biotech companies, CROs and academic research organizations. 

Together, we can transform the clinical development enterprise.

Register Here!

Challenge starts on 20 November and runs until 20 April 2018 (period extended by 2 months). Blinded results will be published by May 30, 2018. All information provided will be treated as confidential.

Note: This research challenge is for educational purposes only.